Kristin’s Krusade: A Dating Violence Prevention Initiative

Video Stills of Kristen's Krusade Video



Then Everything Changed: A Dating Violence Prevention Film

It is in Kristin’s honor that we created this film, designed to not only help students understand the spectrum of behaviors that fall under dating violence, but also teach them how to access resources, be positive bystanders in their communities, and demonstrate healthy and positive behaviors in their own relationships. It’s a resource you can use to help meet your Clery Act prevention requirements and, more importantly, to build communities where students and employees can identify dating violence, support individuals who may be experiencing dating violence, and live, learn, and work in environments free from harm or abuse.

Then Everything Changed Companion Resources

In addition to the Then Everything Changed video, Clery Center has created free discussion guides for campus safety professionals to use with campus employees and students, as well as a Program Planning Guide.



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