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Clery Center Membership connects campus safety professionals with ready-to-use materials, resources, and strategies to help guide them through understanding and implementing the provisions of the Clery Act. We not only guide institutions in implementation, but to exemplify the spirit of the law with a proactive commitment to campus safety.

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With Clery Center Membership colleges and universities receive unparalleled support in the form of:


Member Exclusives:

  • Free review of your institution's annual security report (ASR)
  • 2 in-depth compliance calls
  • Live Quarterly Q&A Clery Act Compliance Sessions
  • Access to the Jeanne Clery Act Self-Assessment Tool for Multidisciplinary Campus Teams




  • Access to the private Clery Center Member discussion board to share strategies and challenges, moderated by Clery Center advisors
  • Access to the Clery Center Member directory

Many of our Member resources are available a la carte, but you can save time and money by getting them all bundled into Membership! Take a look at our customizable budget authorization request letter to get Clery Center Membership approved for your institution.

All institutions of higher education are eligible to become Clery Center Members and receive over $9,000 in resources, services, trainings, and events. For an annual fee of $3,800, your institution can access this unique suite of benefits.




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“Clery Center has provided me guidance on how to grow and personalize the Clery Act to my institution. Their approach makes this law easy to digest and leaves me confident with the information learned. Understanding the Clery Act, is a continuous learning process, with the tools and resources provided by Clery Center Membership; I am able to connect with other professionals who are members which creates an ongoing learning atmosphere which promotes dialog with one another. If you are in the world of Clery, Clery Center Membership should be your first step to investing in the work that you do a daily basis and for the betterment of your institution that you represent.”

– Melanie Figueroa, Administrator – Clery Act Compliance, Orange Technical College

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“The California State University’s partnership with the Clery Center through Membership has helped us meet the complex and changing compliance requirements of the Clery Act while not losing the underlying spirit of the law. We both share the desire to ensure a safe and compassionate campus environment for the half million CSU students across California.”

– Mike Redmond, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives and Support Services, California State University-Office of the Chancellor

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“The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) is pleased and proud to be associated with Clery Center.  We are especially pleased with the work that Clery Center is doing on behalf of the students, faculty, staff and institutions through their Membership program. The program is a proactive approach to improving enforcement of and compliance with the Clery Act through direct engagement with like-minded colleges and universities.  Through membership, Clery Center has engaged institutions and their leaders nationwide in ways not previously considered.  Participating institutions learn from Clery Center and seek support in compliance efforts through specialized training experiences and cost-effective resources offered specifically for Clery Center Members.  A full one-third of AICUP’s members have enrolled in Clery Center Membership and very few have decided to allow their annual membership to expire.  But not only do we endorse and support the work of the membership, we stand ready to support Clery Center in other efforts to help our member campuses be safer and more secure for the students they serve.”

– Tim Alexander, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Association of Independent Colleges & Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP)

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“I appreciate the camaraderie I have with colleagues, both old and new, in working on this important initiative. It is both reassuring and inspiring to speak with others in similar positions and to realize that while we all face challenges, we are all working to create safer campuses for our communities. [Membership] has brought awareness about the Clery Act and campus crime statistics from being the work of one person to the care and attention of many…there is a community-wide investment in this important legislation.”

– Krista Bailey-Murphy, Dean of Student Life, Chestnut Hill College