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Clery Center's Institutional Membership connects campus safety professionals with ready-to-use materials, resources, and strategies to help guide them through understanding and implementing the provisions of the Clery Act. We not only guide institutions in implementation, but to exemplify the spirit of the law with a proactive commitment to campus safety.

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“Everything I’d want, Clery Center already does. Everyone is approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful. Rather than feeling lost, I feel supported.”  – Clery Center Member

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With Clery Center Membership colleges and universities receive unparalleled support in the form of:


  • One (1) annual security report review* per Membership year
  • Two (2) in-depth compliance calls
  • 10% discount on Clery Act Policy & Procedure Audits
  • Quarterly Clery Act Compliance Q&A Sessions
  • Member-exclusive webinars
  • Unlimited technical assistance and support on your Clery Act questions
Resources & Networking
*Please note that if your ASR has multiple campuses, even if the information is centralized into a single ASR, the review will be for the Member campus only (typically the main campus). Members may still submit an ASR that includes information on other separate campuses if that's the way it is designed, but feedback in the report will only be for the Member campus. If you want Member benefits to be specific to a separate campus, please make sure to name that campus as the member in the application.

“Membership has helped us meet the complex and changing compliance requirements of the Clery Act while not losing the underlying spirit of the law. We both share the desire to ensure a safe and compassionate campus environment.”  Clery Center Member

Many of our Member resources are available á la carte, but you can save time and money by getting them all bundled into Membership! Download our customizable budget authorization request letter to get Clery Center Membership approved for your institution. 

With fines of up to $69,733 per Clery Act violation and rising every year, compliance is an issue no college or university can afford to put off.

All institutions of higher education are eligible to become Clery Center Members and receive over $9,000 in 
resources, services, trainings, and events. For an annual fee of $3,800, your institution can access this unique suite of benefits. 

Clery Center Membership helps institutions to proactively meet the requirements of the Clery Act to create safe, compliant campus environments for staff and students.

apply for Institutional Membership 


“Clery Center’s approach makes this law easy to digest and leaves me confident. Clery Center Membership should be your first step to investing in the work that you do a daily basis and for the betterment of your institution that you represent.”  – Clery Center Member

Membership Discounts

Multi-institution Discount: Clery Center offers a discount on our Institutional Membership program to institutions with multiple campuses. This includes systems with multiple institutions or institutions with multiple branch campuses.

The discount is determined by the number of campuses joining Membership:

  • 2 – 5 Member campuses: 10% discount
  • 6 – 15 Member campuses: 15% discount
  • 16+ Member campuses: 20% discount

To receive this discount, all campuses must fill out our Institutional Member application and the Memberships must be paid for all campuses through a central point of contact. Campuses should select the applicable range of campuses joining (i.e. 2-5 campuses) from the Member Type dropdown when they complete their application. The discount will apply as long as you meet the campus requirements above. If you have questions, contact [email protected] with the subject line, Multi-institution Discount.

HBCU & TCU Discount: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) receive all of benefits of Clery Center Institutional Membership at a 25% discount. The discount can be applied within our Institutional Member application by selecting HBCU or TCU as your Member Type. Clery Center will verify each applicant institution's eligibility before onboarding them as a new Member. This discount is available to current eligible Members upon renewal. 

apply for Institutional Membership

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“Clery Center has provided me guidance on how to grow and personalize the Clery Act to my institution. Their approach makes this law easy to digest and leaves me confident with the information learned.”  – Clery Center Member

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