Kristin's Krusade: Dating Violence Prevention

Photo of Kristin Mitchell in graduation gown with flowersKristin Mitchell was attacked and murdered as she was trying to break up with her ex-boyfriend only three weeks after graduating from college. Her parents, Bill and Michele Mitchell, believe that if she and they had been educated about the warning signs of dating violence, that her death could have been prevented. Based on that belief, Bill has published a book telling Kristin’s story and offering practical guidance on dating violence warning signs and red flags, hoping to prevent their tragedy from happening to others — learn more about the book on Bill’s website. Since Kristin’s death, the Kristin Mitchell Foundation has supported educational efforts that raise awareness about the dangers of abusive dating relationships.

In 2018 the Kristin Mitchell Foundation joined Clery Center as Kristin’s Krusade, a dating violence prevention initiative. We carry on Kristin’s legacy by continuing to educate on dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, and through our mission for safer campuses.

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About Then Everything Changed: A Dating Violence Prevention Film

It is in Kristin’s honor that we created this film, designed to not only help students understand the spectrum of behaviors that fall under dating violence, but also teach them how to access resources, be positive bystanders in their communities, and demonstrate healthy and positive behaviors in their own relationships. It’s a resource you can use to help meet your Clery Act prevention requirements and, more importantly, to build communities where students and employees can identify dating violence, support individuals who may be experiencing dating violence, and live, learn, and work in environments free from harm or abuse.

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