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Clery Center's workshop and training options are designed to enhance participants' understanding of and compliance with the Clery Act, providing comprehensive insight and practical tools for advancing your skills and knowledge related to this crucial framework for campus safety. Focusing on key areas, such as the basics of the Clery Act, the analysis of annual security reports and the role and challenges of campus security authorities (CSAs), our workshops and trainings cover a range of critical topics, fostering discussion, skill development, and strategic thinking to empower participants to ensure accurate reporting and a proactive and well-trained campus security community.

Workshops and trainings are held throughout the year and workshops are also available by request — private training brought to your campus. Learn more about each and how to request a workshop below.

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Clery Act Fundamentals

Clery Act Fundamentals provides a foundational overview of the basic requirements of the Clery Act, drawing from the statute, regulations, and current Department of Education guidance. We will:

  • Review the building blocks of Clery crime statistics: 
    • identifying campus security authorities
    • naming and defining Clery geography categories
    • defining and counting Clery Act crimes
  • Break down the distinctions between timely warnings and emergency notification
  • Explore the prevention, response, and disciplinary procedures requirements for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, including their intersections with Title IX
  • Review the components of an annual security report and how they tie in to the requirements overall

This training provides an in-depth introduction to the Clery Act and is an ideal primer for our more advanced, application-based trainings such as Virtual, In-person, or Online CATS.

Anyone can attend and benefit from Clery Act Fundamentals, whether just beginning Clery Act work or brushing up on knowledge as an experienced practitioner.

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Annual Security Report Workshop

This workshop will provide information and tools to use to analyze the institution’s annual security report (ASR) and its compliance with Clery Act requirements. We will address commonly misunderstood policy statement areas and guide attendees through engaging campus partners in crafting accurate policy and procedure descriptions for their respective areas. First, participants will review the required components of an ASR including elements necessary if an institution has on-campus student housing. Then participants will workshop ASRs through using Clery Center’s ASR checklist to evaluate if their policy statements contain all of the required elements. Clery Center instructors will facilitate small and large group discussion to identify strategies for making needed changes.

Length: 3 hours

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Campus Security Authority Workshop

Despite the 2020 rescission and replacement of the Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting, campus security authorities (CSAs) still exist and play a pivotal role on campus.  Use this workshop to refresh participants’ understanding of who CSAs are and what their responsibilities entail as well as to strategize how to apply the broader guidance within the Clery Act Appendix to identifying roles as CSAs. Through discussing various challenges ranging from receiving delayed reports, to ensuring CSAs know how and what information to report, to conducting engaging trainings, participants will learn how to enhance CSA identification and training skills.

Length: 2 hours

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Campus Security Authority Train-the-Trainer Workshop

In order to create a culture of reporting on campus, it is important for individuals with reporting responsibilities under the Clery Act to be aware of their obligations and know how to compassionately respond to reports. This Campus Security Authority Train-the-Trainer workshop will teach participants strategies for identifying and training campus security authorities.

Participants will:

  • Identify multiple training techniques and strategies for campus security authority (CSA) training.
  • Set goals for institution-specific or department-specific curriculum development for CSAs.
  • Receive training tools to use or adapt for CSA training.

Length: 3 hours

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Policy Synergy: Title IX & the Clery Act

Learn how to create policies and procedures that empower survivors of dating or domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking with clear knowledge of their rights and options and fully capture the requirements of both the Clery Act and Title IX. We will explain the relationship between annual security report policy statements and the underlying institutional policies that should support response and disciplinary procedures for these crimes, as well as how to create policies that are streamlined and approachable for students and employees.

Attend this training if you are:

  • Directly or adjacently involved in the creation or implementation of policy addressing dating and domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

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