We Don’t Haze: Changing Perceptions and Preventing Hazing on Campus

We Don’t Haze: Changing Perceptions and Preventing Hazing on Campus

If you’ve been following Clery Center’s work for the last several years, you already know that the Stop Campus Hazing Act (S.2901, H.R.5646) is our top policy priority. This crucial bill seeks to increase transparency about hazing incidents on college and university campuses and to implement research-based prevention strategies. The ultimate goal of this groundbreaking legislation is to ensure that students can participate in groups in a healthy manner, without fear of hazing. 

Our award-winning documentary film, We Don’t Haze, is a powerful tool to educate and bring awareness to the persistent issue of hazing. The film highlights the personal stories of people whose lives have been impacted by hazing and covers key prevention strategies.

Recently, the Journal of Interpersonal Violence published an article on the efficacy of video-based anti-hazing training using the We Don’t Haze documentary, written by Elizabeth J. Allen, Ph.D., Principal at StopHazing and Professor at University of Maine, and David Kerschner, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow at StopHazing. The findings were compelling:

  • Shift in Perceptions: Students who participated in the We Don’t Haze treatment groups (Film, Film and Discussion) significantly shifted their perceptions of hazing, offering less support for participating in hazing activities and more recognition of the full range of harm that hazing can cause.
  • Willingness to Intervene: Likewise, these students also increased their willingness and self-perceived ability to intervene in hazing situations.

These results highlight the documentary’s effectiveness as a preventative measure for campuses to adopt as part of their anti-hazing strategies. We Don’t Haze, along with our other no-cost hazing education materials, makes it easier for campuses to implement prevention strategies, promoting awareness, skill building for bystanders, and more key components in the Stop Campus Hazing Act. 

To help support the Stop Campus Hazing Act, contact your representatives to encourage them to co-sponsor the bill using this email template. Additionally, take the time to watch the We Don’t Haze documentary to better understand the impact of hazing and how it can be prevented. Together, we can create safer, healthier campus environments where every student can thrive without the threat of hazing.

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You can find all of these resources, learn more about hazing prevention, and easily access links to contact your legislators at

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