Clery Center Announces Interim Executive Director

Clery Center Announces Interim Executive Director

Image of Abigail Boyer wearing a black suit jacket with a purple shirt. Abby is Caucasian with glasses and straight blond hair to her shoulders.Clery Center announces the resignation of Executive Director, Alison Kiss, and the appointment of Abigail Boyer as Interim Executive Director.

Ms. Kiss, who energetically led the organization since 2011, resigned on Monday. Board Chairman, Roger Carolin, said, “The Board of Directors and staff appreciate all that Alison accomplished during her tenure with Clery Center.”

Ms. Boyer has served as Associate Executive Director since 2015. She currently leads a comprehensive array of staff and programs for Clery Center, including Jeanne Clery Act Training, online curriculum development, and National Campus Safety Awareness Month. She also presents nationally on topics related to campus safety, the Clery Act, dynamics of sexual and domestic violence, and victims’ services.

“Clery Center enables successful connections between campus law enforcement, students and their families, and the higher education community,” says Carolin. “Our core value is supporting these stakeholders in accessing and understanding the requirements of the Clery Act. Abigail Boyer is one of the country’s most-respected leaders associated with the Clery Act.”

Clery Center is a national charitable organization that helps institutions of higher education understand and comply with the Clery Act via strategic consulting services, policy insight, and staff compliance training. Founded in 1987 after the murder of Jeanne Clery, Clery Center is uniquely dedicated to making campus safety a nationwide reality.