Clery Act Fundamentals

Clery Act Fundamentals provides a foundational overview of the basic requirements of the Clery Act, drawing from the statute, regulations, and current Department of Education guidance. We will:

  • Review the building blocks of Clery crime statistics: 
    • identifying campus security authorities
    • naming and defining Clery geography categories
    • defining and counting Clery Act crimes
  • Break down the distinctions between timely warnings and emergency notification
  • Explore the prevention, response, and disciplinary procedures requirements for dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, including their intersections with Title IX
  • Review the components of an annual security report and how they tie in to the requirements overall

This training provides an in-depth introduction to the Clery Act and is an ideal primer for our more advanced, application-based trainings such as Virtual, In-person, or Online CATS.

Anyone can attend and benefit from Clery Act Fundamentals, whether just beginning Clery Act work or brushing up on knowledge as an experienced practitioner.

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