StopHazing Releases Preliminary Evaluation of We Don’t Haze Documentary

StopHazing Releases Preliminary Evaluation of We Don’t Haze Documentary

In 2016, Clery Center worked with StopHazing to develop We Don’t Haze, a free 17-minute documentary to promote hazing prevention on college campuses. The documentary shares the perspectives of students, family members, and professionals whose lives have been impacted by hazing, and touches on key themes in hazing prevention such as examples of hazing, how to recognize hazing behaviors, and alternatives to hazing.

In collaboration with Clery, StopHazing is conducting an evaluation of We Don’t Haze. Findings gleaned from more than 200 college students involved in campus organizations who watched the film point to its promise as a tool for education and prevention. For example, students who view We Don’t Haze are more likely than their peers to agree that:

  • Hazing is an ineffective way to build group unity.
  • They know how to create group unity without hazing.
  • They know how to identify and safely intervene to stop hazing.
  • They feel comfortable talking about why hazing is a problem.

Student feedback has consistently indicated that We Don’t Haze is a powerful film featuring stories, individuals, and imagery that resonate with a college-aged audience. As one student participant stated, “The real-life experiences that were shown in the film…brought so much perspective and light to what a horrendous thing hazing really is.”

Building off of the film, the We Don’t Haze facilitation guide and script provides support for campus professionals to have conversations with students around topics such as the definition of hazing, the difference between hazing and bullying, why individuals can’t give true consent to be hazed, and characteristics of hazing and non-hazing activities.

If you are a student, campus professional, or community member who would like to get more information on We Don’t Haze, the facilitation guide, and other companion resources related to the film, please click here or If you are interested in learning more about how We Don’t Haze can be evaluated on your campus, please contact [email protected].

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