Free Resource: “Hunting Ground” Viewing Guide

Free Resource: "Hunting Ground" Viewing Guide

Over 200 colleges and universities across the nation are screening “The Hunting Ground,” a documentary which details experiences of sexual assault survivors on college campuses. These screenings continue a critical national conversation about sexual assault on college campuses.

Colleges and universities preparing to screen the film may also want to think about answers to questions such as 

  • Who might participate in an on-campus screening?
  • Are you prepared for triggering material in the film?
  • Are you prepared for an influx of reporting on campus?
  • What might your institution hope to accomplish by screening the film?

The Clery Center is excited to share our “Hunting Ground” Viewing Guide, which suggests things to consider prior to screening the film and outlines follow-up action steps after your institution’s screening.

Click here to access a free PDF copy.

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