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Digging Deep Video Training Series

As institutions are hard at work updating their policies to align with new Title IX regulations, Clery Center and Victim Rights Law Center are collaborating once again to bring you comprehensive interpretations of these new rules in our new video training series Digging Deep into the Clery Act and Title IX Intersections.

This free training series dives deep into three key intersections between the Clery Act and Title IX in the new regulations:

  • Advisors of Choice
  • Accommodations
  • Authority for Reporting

Each video will highlight one of these topics and will offer considerations to keep in mind when determining who reports under Title IX, how supportive measures will be offered, and how grievance procedures will incorporate an advisor of choice’s role in providing cross-examination.

*Please note that these videos are specific to higher education and assume that viewers have already done a cursory review of the regulations. If you are unfamiliar with the updated Title IX regulations, please see the unofficial version of the regulations (referenced in the videos) for more information. The official version can be found here.

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Q: Do you share your materials for Title IX purposes?

A: As a way to support institutions in their efforts to comply with section 106.45 of the final Title IX Rules, Clery Center does provide its Title IX-related training materials as appropriate. Clery Center maintains sole discretion over what, if any, materials used during a training, workshop, or other event are applicable. You can read our guidelines in full here.

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